How does it feel when your crush touches you


Electric, that is the first word which comes in mind when speaking of a touch from your crush. Whether it is just a touch by mistake or a deliberate one, there are a thousand thoughts rushing through your mind when your crush touches you. We all go through that phase in life when we like someone deeply and yet are unable to express our emotions. The delicate signs of liking are all that we need to get a rush of blood through our veins; these first signs from a crush can be a real deal. When talking about that first touch, it is important to keep in mind that such touches are not always deliberate and a sign. Such touches can often be a mistake, and you should be careful when acting on it. Here are some feelings and reactions when we get touched by our crush.

A rush of excitement

The very first feeling is of excitement, a rush of great excitement at the first touch from your crush. It could be just a mistake, or a deliberate one, a slight brush of shoulders while you walk past each other. At that instant it is all about excitement, some would say that they get goose bumps! It is certainly attraction; some would also call it love, the excitement has many names.

Wild thoughts

You have a million thoughts rushing through your head of course. The first of which is, “does she like? Was that a sign?” This obvious question is a very important one and one should tread carefully. This certainly could be a sign, or on the other hand it could simply be nothing. The very first touch can evoke so many questions indeed. If this was a genuine touch of interest, then you think whether you should touch back and go on with it! Very confusing to say the least.

A thousand violins play

At the slightest touch of your secret Santa, time stops still, and a thousand violins play out the tune of love. It is an eclectic feeling, a madness of sorts. When love strikes at the right hour, it can bloom very many emotions within you, making you crave for it again and again. Needless to say, the touch of that special one would leave you thrilled and the symphony of violins will leave you drenched and drunk in love. But one should be careful; the touch could have just been a mistake. We do not want you to feel hurt if it was nothing but an honest mistake.

You contemplate for more

One touch is not enough, you want more. The first touch from your crush is like opium, and you want more and more of it, until you are completely immersed in it. You feel this growing need for more touch, just a slight one will do, but something to make you feel heavenly once more. The touch of love is not something you want to forget, and definitely not something you can live without.

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