Romantic and Relaxative Illustration by Yuval Robichek

Romance and relaxation are Israeli illustrator Yuval Robichek’s biggest fixations. His poetic observation of the patterns of beach bums lazing in the sand and his daily hygiene routine blend with both cute and cutting surveillance of relationships. One minute he’s noticing how the sun over the ocean looks kind of like an umbrella, the next he’s describing a relationship as a chasm over which the man has blown a bridge of bubbles labeled, “Promises.”

Robichek also mixes his illustrations with photography, á la Marty Cooper, Jean Jullien, and Sean Charmantz, playing with spacial relations or adding plot twists to his coarse black-and-white film. Based in Tel Aviv, Robichek’s work has appeared on the cover of REST magazine, and he’s currently working on a campaign with Perrier. Enjoy a taste of his perverse humor and knack for turning shapes into emotional observations below & you can also follow his Instagram posts.

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